Who We Are

Ladypreneur League is a community of women entrepreneurs slaying our way through ladypreneur life. We provide the tools (like virtual and real life biz development courses led by tried-and-true ladypreneurs), the network (via never-lame events) and the resources (need something done? Our business partners can help!) to help early stage female founders grow and invest in each other’s success.

What We Believe

  1. Boss-ass business ladies support other boss-ass business ladies.
  2. Dreams, legit, only work if you do.
  3. Clever ladypreneurs confirm that there is market demand, then get down to business.
  4. Acknowledging that you suck at something is the first step to recovery. Learning how to delegate it will save your life.
  5. Yup. Failing is good for you.

Our Founder

Porsha Thomas is an ambassador of buzz and connector of dots who gets high on good branding and really enjoys her wine. She’s a Texan in Georgia, reformed party girl (because she hears it’s called “networking” in your 30’s) and she’s passionate about helping women do big things.

Some random things: Ten-year-old Porsha would be proud that she still loves the smell of book pages, reads magazines back-to-front, and that she just painted her kitchen pink (because it’s actually called “salmon” in your 30’s). Porsha did hard time at the Mayborn School of Journalism gave those folks a few thousand bucks for a News-Editorial BA. She’d live inside a mash-up of Domino and Bon Appetit magazines. She got over her fear of seeing and hearing herself last year. She teaches things.

Photography: Kelley Raye